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Black, was born in Metropolitan Hospital in New York City on May 19, 1986. Unfortunately,his parents split shortly after his arrival and as a result his father moved to Jamaica. Consequently his mother was left to play both parenting roles to Young Black and his older brother.

In an attempt to better their lives she moved them to Mt. Vernon where she felt they could receive a better education and obtain more life opportunites. Things seemed to be on the up and up but four years later the boys were hit with a devastating blow, they were informed that their father was murdered back in Jamaica.
Though he had a supportive single mother it was hard for Young Black to come to terms with the loss of his father, the only place where he could find refuge was in music. The hip hop era of the early 90's and artists such as Method Man, Lost Boyz, Notorious B.I.G, Tupac and Heavy D (who is also from Mt. Vernon) had a huge impact on Young Black. It wasn't long before Young Black began reciting lyrics particularly Notorious B.I.G's classic album, "Ready to Die". Soon his love for music and imitating lyricists began to take on a shape of its own.
By the tender age of 10, he began jotting down lyrics of his own instead of doing his homework. By the age of 14, rapping had become not only a hobby of Young Blacks but a talent. He would battle anyone whenever and wherever, he loved the opportunity to take on competitors who were bigger and older than him. He knew he had to gain respect as a lyricist.
He went seeking out new competitors in movie theaters, pool halls, shopping areas and all local hang-outs; anything he could do to be recognized. Young Black enjoyed battling, it was fun but he knew if he wanted this hobby to become more than just that, he'd have to become more than just another rapper; he'd have to become an rap artist.
During his last years in high school, Young Black began making the transition from an on the corner, all-out freestyle battle rapper to a slick talking, smooth, punchline, hip-hop artist. Gaining experience from producers, engineers, and other artists that he worked with, Young Black grew into not only a better person, but a better artist. He began to understand that sometimes you need to portray violence in rap songs because it IS a harsh reality in the streets today but he trys to keep it to a minimum and focus on other aspects of his life like money and his love of it.
From 2005-2007 Young Black partnered with the DJ's at Westchester Community College and was put to battle other MC's constantly. Due to his new found notoriety, Young Black was featured twice on a Westchester radio station 88.1 FM where he freestyled for the listeners.
In 2005, Young Black finished up his first complete project called "Enough Said" mixtape. He moved over 500 copies by talking to people, going to music stores and visiting different neighborhoods. He aimed to get his name heard throughout all of Westchester not just Mt. Vernon.
Young Black has received several requests for appearances, studio time, and beats. This public intrest pushed the young artist to move forward with the development of his crew, and another project.
Currently, Young Black resides in Florida where he feels he can best advance his rap career. He is recording in several studios for future mixtapes and still jumps at the opportunity to expand his following any way possible.

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