BloodShot SunRise - TM

BloodShot SunRise - TM

BloodShot SunRise - TM

Rock, Alternative, Christian Rock
From: Negaunee, MI, United States

Band Members

  • Mike Oswald - Lead Guitar/Vocals
  • Dan Oswald - Drums/Backing Vocals
  • Nikko Johnson - Bass/Backing Vocals
  • Nathan Oswald - Drums/Backing Vocals
  • Chad Hintsala - Lead Guitar/Vocals

About Band

After playing for many years in a west coast road band...the music lost its soul and I felt like a circus clown.  I moved back to the midwest...I started a hobby band and re-discovered that I really like making music!

BloodShot SunRise plays a wide mix of the best "GoodTimes" Rock from the '70s, '80's, '90's and today, along with many Original tunes.  Imagine East Coast Hard Rock crossed with the best of the West Coast Eighties, throw in a bit of Toronto Madness, and some Southern Blues....and you have what we like to call......"PLISSKEN ROCK"!!!  Check it out, tell all your friends... and come ROCK with us!

Our name "BloodShot SunRise" obviously appeals to the "all night party crowd"........ but, the real meaning is to pay "tribute and salute" those Americans that make our lives possible..... without all the American Heros out there, fighting for our liberties....we would not be here today!  See they too have there version of "BloodShot SunRises" on a daily basis.

Watch for our debut album, and come back often for updates!!!

And, May God Bless You All Real Good!

After all, "Its just another BloodShot SunRise!"


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