Blue Frequency

Blue Frequency

Blue Frequency

Alternative, Indie, Rock
From: OULU, Finland

Band Members

  • Sami Halminen - Guitars & Vocals
  • Janne Similš - Drums
  • Janne Glad - Bass

About Band

It is late in the year 2005. After an ill-fortuned start and the abrupt end of
atmospheric metal band Evergrief, Janne Similä and Sami Halminen 
decide to try a new approach to music-making. No more poorly motivated 
musicians who suffer from the lack of free time!

After a few inspirational pints, Janne Glad joins the blokes at their 
rehearsal place, and the musical foundations begin to take shape. A 
traditional rock'n'roll story? Perhaps, but what they have to offer 
musically shows that the group does not stick to traditions.

Alternative rock, melodic rock? You name it. The band's music 
manifests influences from Radiohead and Skid Row alike. A sharp-eared 
listener may even catch hints of Katatonia, the Swedish messengers of 
atmospheric metal. However, the group does not want to list individual 
groups or artists as their influences. After all, what it is all about 
is creating music - evaluation may be left to attentive listeners.

Are You Amused? (Promo 2007) has been recorded, mixed and mastered at 
Minortone Studio in Oulu by the Ruumensaari brothers. The head 
producer and recording engineer was Kalle Ruumensaari, who also 
produced the preceding EP, Invisible Me (2006). This time he was 
accompanied by assistant producer Ville Ruumensaari, who not only 
co-recorded and helped produce the album but is also responsible for 
the graphic design, booking and contract issues for the band.

The group are currently looking for a publisher to release their 
upcoming full-length album.
The material consists of approximately 20 
songs, half of which are ready for recording and the rest will be 
completed during the autumn. The band's live scene will become more 
active in the early autumn, when they plan to play as many live dates 
around Finland as possible. The recording is planned to begin in 
spring 2008, if the right collaborators for the album's release are 

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