Blunt Vendetta

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This Iz ........Blunt Vendetta...

i'll eat you up so bad you'll wish you were ya own ass/You little fag dressin in drag flickin ya balls to kill crabs/Im sicker than that fuckin shit on ya upper lip/I'll cut you up eat all the good parts and store the rest in my fridge/You wrote and signed ya death wish when you went and mentioned my kids/I'll stick a machete up ya bitch ass and stab ya throat with my dick/ On second thought you get no penis cuz you'd probably like it/Instead i'll save that for ya mom and bust a nut on her tits ....YOU FUCKIN HOMOZ ~THE COLLECTIVE STAYTOPHMYNDE~
( WHERE'S D~BOE ?!?!?!?!?!? )
~R.I.P~ ~ L.M.C : LUNCH MONEY CLIQUE                                                                                                                        hit me up at .  check me out at:


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