Rock, Metal, Christian Rock
From: Toronto, ON, Canada

Band Members

  • Dave - Guitar/Backing Vocals
  • Oskkar - Bass/Backing Vocals
  • Jon - Lead Vocals/Guitar
  • Oliver - Drums

About Band

Back in the day....Dave and Oskkar started up playing together for as long as they can remember. Though they couldn't really play and all they had was Dave's sister's acoustic. Eventually Dave got an electric guitar and Oskkar decided to give up guitar because it was too much work and picked up the bass. They decided to give up on school and form a band with a long time friend on drums whose name we will not mention. They jammed a few times, after which Oskkar decided to take matters into his own hands and fire the drummer who sucked in comparison to Oliver who had the visual time keeping skills necessary to the band. A few other members came and went on thing such as rhythm guitar or vocals until Oskkar suggested a buddy named Jon who was an amazing singer and fit right in. Since then they have been jamming in Oskkar's Basement, in the undergrounds of Bolton. And playing a few shows here and there. February 07' "Bombshell Suite" recorded a demo/ep. It has 3 of our originals "Rebel Without A Cross", "Where He Belongs" and "New Start". We are going to record another called, "One Way Out". We are very proud of the songs on this EP and can't wait to share them with everyone and we'll be sure to post them up as soon as the mixing is done. March Update!: Mixing is done, all that's left now is the vocals so keep your heads up! We would also like to welcome our new kick ass lead singer Jon who we are extremely excited to have with us. We figure with a new singer and EP coming out it was the right time to change our name. and so we give you, bombshell suite

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