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HI WORLD!! My name is Bondy, a Singer/songwriter and musician from Cambridgeshire,England, here you will find some of my own songs i have written in the past 17 years or so. Now in the process of finishing my 8th CD ,Which has taken me 4 years to finish, good job i am not employed by a record company, they would have sacked me before now hey!!!, and you know what?... i couldnt really give a shit about being famous,as long as im recognized as a recording/good guitarist artist,call me what you will, but please enjoy my own personal songs, they are real, and above all, MINE!!! >. I am a songwriter and produce all my owns stuff without the aid of managers,producers,record companies or promoters.!! I'm so proud to be part of the "New Music Industry",(NMI),with more control and rights and 100% to me, its the way forward for musicians like me who do their own songs. Who wants to go on the X-factor??....not me, thats a sure fact.!! WANT ANYTHING DOING PROPERLY??>>...ALWAYS DO IT YOURSELF.!!! Enjoy and see you around at some of my gigs (listed on here to your right hand side). Thanks I appreciate everyone who listens to my songs on here but there may never be any cds released as i dont have time to do it or ever have the interest in it. see ya x x

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