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From: d.c., DC, United States

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born and raised in d.c. grew up in a house were music was apart of our everyday life from dancing in living room with my mom to motown and other well kown artist from back in the day.i grew up wanting to be the next micheal jackson like so many other 80s babies, as i got older hip hop became more important to me because of the realness and attitude that was displayed from certain that i looked up to like scarface,ice cube,public enemy,bdp,run dmc, and tupac.I also was introduced to rock & roll at a young age one of my older brothers brought home queen and thats when i became a fan of rock and that led to me discovering  groups like led zepplin,korn,system of a down,rage against the machine,and tool.I love music i love makin music i love hearing music and i really love performing , especially with a live band. I grew up in d.c. and if know anything about d.c. we love our go-go music i had go-go band a couple of years ago and it really helped me become a better arranger,producer,and performer.I consider my music to be reality music and what i mean by that is life isnt just partian or just sex its every characteristic that humans have and we all have different characteristics but at the same time thats what makes us the same.I talk about religion,politics racism,war,hate,love,etc.So if you like what you hear youll love what i'll make when i get a chance to make a major label debut, thanx bonze.

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