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From: New Orleans, LA, United States

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The name is BookieDaGreat... and yes I am. I'm a Hip Hop artist born in New Orleans, LA where music is deep in our culture. I have been rapping for about 10 years but just recently taken it serious. I record myself in my own studio so I'm my own A&R. I mix&master myself which means I'm my own executive producer. When ever you hear that drop on the beat "And Shoutout to My Brutha, this Beat is BANGIN" its a beat made literally by my brother Hoot Head to whom I send all my songs to get the final Thumbs up. Hollygrove is in my music because that's the neighborhood (WestSide) I've been in most of my life. However, it's not what you would expect to hear coming from a someone from the hood. I try to please everyone from the people with a variety of styles, but at the end of the day I have to be true to myself because if I don't then no one will believe and buy into me. Whether I become an artist loved by millions to only dozens of people liking my music I will be satisfied because I'm doing something I love. Besides that, my music speaks for itself. I'm down to work with any artist. Don't be shy become a fan.......

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