Club, Other, Drum and bass
From: Berlin, Germany

Band Members

  • Jan Burkamp - Metal Percusion
  • Charles Matuschewski - Keyboard
  • Nadim Helow - E-Drums
  • Robert Daxx - Voice
  • Regina Teichs - Visuals

About Band

fotos by Torsten Goltz
Yeeeaaaah! Eh eh, eh eh! Letís face it once and for allÖthis is the 21st centuryÖnine years in my friend. My, my, my, things have certainly changed since the announcement of the New World Order. But, of course, you know that. However, REMEMBER THIS: DONíT PANIC, ITíS ORGANIC! What?
BOOMBAKER, thatís what! Itís alive and kickiní like a sex machine. Itís the rhythm of Berlin streets pumpin up like nothing before it. Yea, yea, I remember seeing Einsturzende Neubauten in Detroit in the 80ís. They were a great live act introducing a new concept of percussionist landscapes and vocals, but nobody was dancing! That was then, way back when. Century 21 has given birth to an advanced riddim maker in Boombaker, straight outta Berlin Kreuzberg, baby! Heads up! Four incredible musicians and a real live video artist come together, packin family sized doses of Jungle, Hip Hop, Mashup and Punkbeats, me say, boom, boom! You know itís right when you step in the room and the temperature is blazing, people sweatin and jumpin and thereís barely room to order a beer.
Thatís because everything they do is 100% LIVE! Ainít no fakes up in dissa here. Reverend Rob preaching the groove dialectic at the mic, Jan and Nadim bring dem freight train riddims so precise and funky you better move and shake it or the crowd will trample you in da dance trance. Checkout Battle Zone, ya heard. No, not two drum kits but a massive array of metal thingies and self-invented percussion instrumentation like nothing youíve ever seen (even in Detroit) including an actual grinding machine. Hold it! On da keys and doubling up on bass is maestro Matuchewski bringiní it and slinginí it, but das not all, he throws in a taste of trumpet and some fat-back blues harp to boot, whoa!
To complete the joyful noise posse we need da new century visuals brought to you by a woman whose smile will knock you down and whose live VJ skills will pick you up and put you on ya danciní feet, real neatÖta ta ta taaah! Reginaaaaa! No wonder theyíve played to over a hundred sold out crowds in Switzerland, Germany and Poland. This is the 21st century package to deal wit, here and nowÖ
check out the boombaker live promo video! thats boombaker.... thats live!

modulate live!

boom tv vlog!

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