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From: Osogbo, Nigeria

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Born in Nigeria. This witty lyricist is loaded with 18hit tracks in a debut album titled "Burning Desire". Raised in the city of Osogbo, D.s.c Borrild started ripping rhymes at the young age of 12. But before Borrild discovered his passion for rap music, he had been singing since he was 8years old. With a spike & span lyrical flow, this Illustrious Jig-saw has a dream of becoming one of the world's greatest Rapper of this generation. In the year 2003, Borrild joined a Rap and R&b band called "Exemplars". For years, the band struggled to hit the lime-light with series of shows & demos, but the band was later dissolved in 2007 when it was realized that each Artiste is filled with different dream. After crises & sacrifices, this bomb breakup really saddened the heart of this young lyricist & was inspired to wrote a song which he recorded with the title "1 is better than 2''. Listening to this heart consoling track by many music lovers, presenters & hip-hop celebrities, the song was given a massive acceptance and played on air. But despite the love this song was shown, Borrild never proceed to promote this heart consoling track in which he told the story of his life. Instead, this Rap genius was busy writing hit songs with heart ripping lyrics for his dreamed debut rap album which he titled "Burning Desire". Featuring tracks like "Music my dream, Open up, Hard hustle, Tore, Rap street and many more hits". Borrild's strong believe is that "when his time comes, no one's gonna stop him cos he's actually doing what he knows how to do best". Rumor has it that this young Rapper took after Legendary Tupac and DMX with his strong hardcore tone and lyrics style. Borrild clarified this in an interview saying " I don't sound like any one, I sound just like me ". Well, maybe that was true because Borrild finally released a demonstration in 2013, which he titled "Open up". A prototype of what he is introducing to the industry and controversial rap song in which he described the true meaning of hip hop & showed other Rappers he is a born hard-core & how its done. Without mixing words, Borrild's demonstration (Open up) was a huge step & an upper cut for the so called stars in Nigeria Rap music industry cos, its a kind of rap song many presenters & music fans have been waiting for. If you're looking for a Rapper, a Producer & a Song writer with fresh soul, don't wait till he becomes a big star. He is busy making ways across the media, internet & streets. And just as you're reading about his life right now, others are busy listening to his music.

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