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Bossalanie Definition : Bossalanie means Boss of bosses. Taking charge of my life. Boss History : I've been into rap since a teenager. I wrote songs and DJ at house parties, performing towards instrumentals. A friend saw my potential and introduced me to a producer. I made my first track at the age of 25. I got a manager who screwed me over. Everyday I'm struggling but I'm coming back to make it Game Over for the haters. I took the music program by the balls and learnt to produce my own music. Boss vision : My vision is to rise to the top as thee Best of the best. Everybody should know me and respect me. I want the world to love my music and support me no matter what. I wana RAPresent Cape Town as Mr.021 the finest from the Mother city. My aim is to make 'Bossalanie' a top brand to branch out into, not just music, but anything I put my mind into. Boss Drive : People holding me back, judging me, and putting me down with their negativity. I strive to prove them wrong, and show the world that I am numero uno. Boss Music Style : I love Hip-hop, gangsta rap, and dance music. My favourite style I love to do in my music is hardcore rapping towards up beat dance hip-hop music. I am mad about combining other music genres into my style of production to make unique music. Bossalanie is : ... An Entertainer who wants to show off his talent. ... A Saint who is still thee nice guy. ... An Angel. You don't always see me, but when you listen to me, you feel me. ... An Artist who creates pictures out of music. ... A complicated simple guy, who does not want life to be as difficult as chinese arithmetic, when it can be as easy as pie. ... The future. It's here!. Boss philosophy in life ... Pay attention to the game of life, because if you can't do that, you're gona pay the price. Boss Roots : I moved a lot, around the southern and northern suburbs, but I'm originally from the southern suburbs, Athlone, Cape Town. Boss likes : I love music production and performing, gaming, WWE, burgers,anime, comedies, horrors, martial arts, acquiring rare music and sex. Boss dislikes : Snobs, divas, extremely long boring movies, pretencious people, clutter, hot weather. Boss music influences : Master P. ,Snoop Dogg, Mystikal, C-Murder,504 Boyz,Busta Rhymes,DMX,Tupac,Notorious B.I.G.,Ice-Cube,Ludacris,Puff Daddy,Eminem,Ja Rule,50 Cent. Boss Role Model : My dad. He has a heart of gold and he is always giving, even in the bad times. Bossalanie's favourite catch phrase ... Hot Kilowatt!!!

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Website: WhatsApp-0735557711
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Website: Twitter-Bossalanie/Strikajo

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