Botolph Dissidents

Botolph Dissidents

Botolph Dissidents

Metal, Death Metal, Industrial
From: Yokohama, Japan

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Greetings from Japan and Boston!

My name is Andy. I'm a 37 year old American living in Yokohama Japan.

About two years ago I began the process of finally recording my music. It only took me about twenty years or so, but hey, better late than never I suppose.  

I'm just a regular guy trying to make ends meet like everyone else. Unfortunately I don't have the benefit of things like producers, engineers, a recording studio or even a band for that matter. I'm writing and recording everything by myself in my small apartment in Japan.

I'm doing so and releasing my songs in the hopes that there might be some people on the planet that don't completely hate them. They may be raw and unpolished, but they're honest and hopefully you'll enjoy them. I have no idea what genre to classify this stuff as. Back when I was younger, my friends and I used to call it "thrash music with mosh riffs." So whatever that equates to, I guess that's what this stuff is.    

Eventually I hope to have a full CD comprising the eight songs that are currently in progress.I'll continue to chip away at them and release them as my schedule and circumstances allow.

Thank you for the honor and privilege of your audience. I sincerely appreciate you taking the time out of your schedule to listen to my music. 

If you like the music you hear here, I'm truly thankful and honored . If you like it to the point where you would like to support a starving musician by buying a song or two, that would be really kind of you and possibly a small miracle.  Here's a link where you can do so:

The songs are also available on iTunes.

Either way I thankful that you took time to listen, and I'd love to hear from you. Contact me anytime.

I'm looking to make friends with music lovers and fellow musicians, all over the world regardless of genre, so drop me a line!

Thanks again!



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