bourbon cru

bourbon cru

bourbon cru

From: Louisville, KY, United States

Band Members

  • Shiz - rapper/producer
  • The Kentucky Heartbeat - rapper
  • K-ceezy - rapper
  • J-Grizzle - rapper
  • Bliz - rapper
  • TBD - rapper
  • bkid flipwilson - rapper/producer

About Band

bourbon cru means literally land where bourbon is from. The group formed years ago back on the campus of university of kentucky. It was mostly like a club where a collective would get together get fucked up and freestyle. Overtime this evolved with the help of technology putting the tools of composers into the hands of lay people. bourbon cru now meets regularly despite being geographically divided and continue to produce music anytime their lives as corporate stooges allows them. Stylistically they are influenced by a large breadth of music. They are not singular about rap. But they believe that rap is the densest most malleable form of expression at the disposal of a pacified population. Their motives are to relive the stresses of the rat race and maybe get you to crack a smile or just think.

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