Brainsick Spawns

Brainsick Spawns

Brainsick Spawns

Alternative, Hardcore, Metal
From: Leskovac, Serbia and Montenegro

Band Members

  • ValdeZ - Wannabe singer/guitar
  • Johny - Drumming Dummy
  • Mishko - Dr Bass
  • Alexandar - Speeding Guitar

About Band

At the beginning there was a cell and then a virus and then... Us.

Spawns of Brainsick were formed in 2007. Bend was formed when 4 guys mentally collapsed, influenced by sick society (society declared normal). So , naturally , when sick society is declared normal , normal people are declared sick. Brainsick that is in this case.

After a while they learned about ventilating trough music and recording it. Trough the ventilation process songs have been written and published and that caused labeling this band as "melodramatic" and "over-reacting".

And that's what needs to be said. Everything else is hidden in music. Go look for it!

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