BrainStorm Operations

BrainStorm Operations

BrainStorm Operations

From: Miltenberg, Germany

Band Members

  • Keith Alban - (St0rm) - Atmospherics, Dream Layering, WoW Generators, Tactical Placement, Beatscaping, Ethnic Accents, Percussion, Bells, Didgeridu, Hand Drumming, Ambient Overdubs, Wiccan Mastering.
  • Sven Klitsch - (Brain) - Keyboards, Melody Creation, Whisper Choir, Dark Atmospheric Enhancement, Dream Layering, Fire-Off Sequencers, Orbit Monitoring & Control, Timeline Navigator, Edit Mainframe Operations, External Programming.

About Band

We want to make music that speaks to the thinker... the dreamer... the creative spirit. I think It's time that we redefine our mission statement. You see, BrainStorm Operations thinks outside the box, we push the envelope. we try to define our principle by an ever growing new standard. We lock onto ideas, then...We challenge them to redefine themselves. We consist of conceptual designers who work in a digital design lab, striving to unlock the third 'ear' of the mind. There comes a time in all of our lives where we decide that we are going to settle on a goal and go for it...period. It doesn't matter if the others laugh or say 'no way...' Your instincts tell you this is it. You know that it feels right....... That happened to Sven and I about 6 years ago; when we decided that our solo projects shall become fused as one. Since then, there has been so much learned. The business side of things have become finely tuned and our understanding of marketing as well. We are a multi-media production company producing music for web, film, video gaming, advertising, TV & more. We are an unconventional company and plan on leaving a lasting impression on those who choose to involve us in a cooperative project. We produce Ambient, chillout, lounge, deep trance, sound design and house. Our goal is not only to deliver quality music but quality atmosphere as well. We live by the simple Tantra; Chill The Planet... We take our sonic experiments and apply the utmost detail and development to create, polish and hand on to you our Soundscapes. Imagine the, in our enterprise; it doesn't define our every move... but it defines every action and that is what counts. Our tools consist of a wide spectrum. Native and modern, exciting and intense. The main ingredient is Imagination. Our studios are constantly churning out new soundscapes that are to be found all around you. We can be heard in the background of TV shows, reportages, documentaries, Wellness centers, yoga classes, advertising campaigns and much much more. We would like to show you how we paint the 360 degree soundscape, in many different flavors. Wishing you the best from the flight deck, Keith Alban & Sven Klitsch Specialties: High profile client work; website, film, TV. Experience in multi level presentation and large event performance. Product enhancement and branding background. International acclaim and proven track record amongst professionals and fans alike.

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