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            Elliott Turner, Jr.(Bred), was born in Heidleburg, Germany to the late Mr. Elliott Turner, Sr. and Ms. Catherine Walker Turner on June 5, 1980. He attented Birmingham City Schools from grads K-8 then moved to Bessemer, Alabama where he attended Jess Lanier High School and graduated with the class of 1998. At the age 23, Bred, has been distributing lyrics through the hood for about eigh years and counting. He's also the mastermind behind  those dope beats we here with the hard hitting southern 808. With his partner in rhymes, Julius Rafeal Dawson (Butta), there will be more to add to that.

            Butta, an energetic 20 year old, was born to the late Mr. Sylvester Dawson Jr. and Mrs. Brenda Dawson Bishop on January 18, 1983 in Birmingham, Alabama. He realized while in elementary school at Midfield that he had rap potential and has been running with it ever since. Since the hook up with Bred in 1996, they had their own group, The Daily Hustlaz, a trio group, Faultless.

             Bred & Butta, still Faultless Boys, are now ready  to take the rap game by storm. Pushed by their manager, Mrs. Brenda Bishop, and the cities of Birmingham and Bessemer, Alabama, this could be a spectacular year for the dynamic duo. As Faultless Boys they've performed at the 1999 and Y2G Heritage Festivals, at the Boutwell for a spring step-off, Smitty's City, The Platinum of Birmingham, a few talent shows, and open up for Ludacris at "The Woo."  Also as Bred & Butta performed in cities  Atlanta, Boston, Chicago,  Hollywood, New York City and so on. As the years go on, the world is about to encounter what it could only imagine from with determination and pride, 100% pure crunkness!!!!!





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