Brick Army Armistice

Brick Army Armistice

Brick Army Armistice

Acoustic, Indie, Emo
From: Kingsford Heights, IN, United States

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Brick Army Armistice- While a child my father always told me tales of when he was younger. He and his brother would play a game with the local children. A game called "brick army." The game is simple, you would have to armies fighting each other and they would throw mason bricks at each other. As the days grew old and my father and uncle grew rusty, the game seemed to immature. They soon quit playing and had to grow up. The name "Brick Army Armistice" is not only a tribute to my father, but a way of reminding myself that I have to grow up regardless of if I want to or not. Also it's to remind me that somewhere is that child who needs to be set free every once in a while. This is Brick Army Armistice. Enjoy. I have released one e.p. entitled "For the love of the duke of Ilyria." I was limited to roughly 15 copies. I have begun work on a split e.p. with Fresh Prints, a band from La Porte not ten minutes from my home town.

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