Bro Ken One

Bro Ken One

Bro Ken One

From: Terre Haute, IN, United States

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My Name Is Bro Ken."The Bro Ken One". I am a writer and performer. Ima rapper who can play percussion instruments. my TITLE really means nothing. I like to look at myself as an artist. If someone has dreams of being a musician and or vocalist and labels themselves either one, then i say nurture that dream in way that it can be achieved. So many people told me IM NOT__________.. I seem to be proving more and more wrong each day without pursuing to make others wrong. Being myself and not letting others in my ear gives me the freedom to be who I want to be:) Pride comes before the fall so I hold myself in no category above others when it comes to music. I've learned alot on my journey and im starting to realize that we shouldn't label. My dreams are as real as anyone's reality. They have come true because i believed in myself and kept it real with our Lord.. So the same goes for anyone out there.. "YOUR DREAMS ARE AS REAL AS ANYONE'S REALITY" Make it Happen!!!! Love YALL~ Bro Ken~ I fell in love with hip hop at a very early age. I tried to find my place in hip hop but found myself not being competitive enough to play on that field . So I moved onto rock and started playing drums. When I got to high school I got mixed up in drugs and gangs, which lead myself to a self destructive lifestyle. One day in my mid twenties,Broke and Homeless, I decided I couldn't take any more pain and loss so I choose to try and take myself out. Well, it seems that God had a different path for me. I woke up in intensive care with my family around me. My mother asked me to let God take over. So I gave in and let God take over cause I sure as hell didnt know how to walk on this earth. I am who I am, I am a human so I will always make mistakes but as Long as I keep my faith, THERES NO STOPPING ME:) See God took me from all that chaos and restored me. He can do the same for you if you let Him. Today I have a promising career in music. Today I have friends all over the world! My children look up to me now. Everyday is a Blessing. All I can say is if you really want to be successful and stay a success you must give in to the truth.

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