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brokenTrigger is a unique combination of industrial, techno, and metal that is breaking out into the electronic music scene and charging at the world with full force. Started in early 2007 by Andrew Craft as a solo project to expirment with his interest in synthesizers and loops , it soon exploded into something more than he ever imagined. After meeting and teaming up with vocalist Josh Whitt, brokentTrigger went from mediocre instrumentals to in your face electronic chaos with vocals that could raise the dead. Only one month later the addition of Jack Clubb unlocked the final seal and created the sound of insanity that would redifine brokenTrigger. The band is now moving at full speed and has no intention of slowing down. Knowing no boundaries and growing daily in its derangment, the world will not be ready when brokenTrigger emerges in it's full.

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