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South Africa I was born in Pelanomi hospital on the 10 October 1987 in Bloemfontein. I lived with my grandparents in a coloured area called Heidedal. I am rapping since I was 8 years old since first heard a DMX song at my friends house that was playing at his party. After I borrowed the DMX cd from him I was amazed and also wanted to make one,I listened to lots of rappers locally and internationally,finally I decided to take a leap of faith and recorded some songs on cassette with a low quality mic. Basically my rap style is Afrikaans and English mixed with that coloured slang bringing life to that venac rap Ö.I have a unique flow which makes it possible for me to rap on any type of beat so to say. I always use to watch older rappers kick it with their tape decks, mixers and boom boxes, so I started to learn from them and by listening to hip-hop cassettes and the radio just to improve myself as an artist, free styling with friends and battling other rapper ,cyphering at the hip-hop grounds to develop myself as a rapper. After that I was recording on those old tapes with those weak micís and recorded some songs which lead to people telling me that Iím good and that I should sell my songs at Musica (laughing out loud). When I reached high school I entered the school talent show with friend sand we didnít win but by that I saw how to really win and entered the next year with a group I created called Outsiders. With my knowledge we won the show and the years after that 3 times in a row. I went solo recording mix-tapes and producing for other rappers and helping them out with lyrics, recording and producing. I performed at Macufe along with other genre of artist such like Skwatta Camp and local artist from Heidedal. I then moved to Kimberley and there I was just recording and working on local projects, after that I performed at Flamingo casino and featured group called GOLD. I return to Heidedal and joint a group called Murder Society, we recorded lots of mix-tapes and track and we have improved on many levels of hip-hop/rap, we were on Kofsie FM radio station are now busy working on new tracks along with music .Now I'm back with my own group Outsiders and we are planning to take over this rap game from other genre/people that discriminate over what we are doing just because we are rapper that love Hip-hop. I am also working on my new album and Iím busy with a program for young upcoming artist to develop their skill on every level and help them make it as artistÖ.so for this year I want to make as much money as I can and to create my own record label which will make it easy from artist mostly in Heidedal because of the lack of ambition to create music.

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