Brothers K Band

Brothers K Band

Brothers K Band

Americana, Bluegrass, Folk
From: Grand Pass, MO, United States

Band Members

  • Becka Kalthoff - Vocals, Autoharp
  • Chris Kalthoff - Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Harmonica, Percussion
  • Robin Kalthoff - Acoustic/Electric Guitars, Dobro, Vocals

About Band

Brothers K Band is the brainchild of father/son songwriting and arranging team Robin and Chris Kalthoff. With the addition of Becka (Chris’s wife), the group has evolved into a unique blend of original music with a traditional sound, blending bluegrass, folk, rock and country with real stories from the heart of the Missouri River bottomland. Traditional instruments such as guitar, harmonica, dobro and auto harp are used in conjunction with African drums and shakers to create a fresh alternative to over-processed top 40 music. Vocals are interwoven into the music and used as instruments themselves to create this unique sound. As Chris so succinctly puts it: “It’s Traditional Alternative Missouricana with a Twist of River Water!”


Becka Kalthoff is a true soprano whose classically trained voice makes her the natural choice to be the vocal arranger in the group. Rich harmonies and tremendous range combine to help create the unique sound of the band, with vocal arrangements at times invoking images of string sections and woodwinds. Since joining the Brothers K songwriting team, Becka has demonstrated an increasing ability to pen songs from the heart, revealing deep emotion and a startling complexity of themes. Instruments played: Autoharp.


Chris Kalthoff grew up in a house filled with music, accompanying Robin on the road in Missouri and surrounding states with various cover bands. Trained as a drummer and percussionist, he spent his early teen years on stage sitting in with the band on drums and congas. He quickly moved on to guitar and harmonica, developing a unique fingerpicking style to complement Dr. K.’s flatpicking arrangements. A former journalism major who calls upon many and varied influences, Chris’s songwriting reflects real-life scenarios and feelings, giving the listener a glimpse into the heart and soul of a man with much to say, often with a touch of humor. A talented artist, Chris designed the cover art for the group’s first album “Welcome to Rancho.” Instruments played include: Acoustic and electric guitars, duolian, harmonica, congas, African djembe, timbales and shakers.


Robin Kalthoff, aka “Dr. K.” grew up in the Missouri River bottoms and started his musical life as a blues guitar player, listening to and copying the styles of guitarists as diverse as Muddy Waters, Johnny Winter, Roy Buchanan and Keith Richards. After years of playing in classic rock and blues cover bands, he took an 8-year hiatus from live performances to concentrate on bluegrass flatpicking styles and songwriting. Kalthoff’s songs are real stories gleaned from his own experiences and those of others who live and work in the rich Missouri River bottom farmlands, infused at times with a touch of humor, at other times with a hint of melancholy. His quest for an original musical path has culminated in the formation of Brothers K Band with Chris and Becka Kalthoff. Instruments played include; Acoustic and electric guitars, dobro and lap steel.  


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