Bruno Coriandoli

Bruno Coriandoli

Bruno Coriandoli

Experimental, Psychedelic, Trance
From: Montreal, QC, Canada

About Artist

A montrealer from italian origin’s. Bruno Coriandoli is a composer,performer and musician for about 30 years & is interested in composing music for the film industry (short films & movie production,documentry) and for theatrical show’s like contemporary dance. His most recent composition’s from COUNTDOWN 01 (2012) is from an inspiration of underground music and world music and also a touch of middle eastern sound. Versatile,Passionat and Prolific. His vast musical repertoire ‘’index’’ including pop music,rock,Heavy-Metal,Jazz & New Age. It allows him to compose diversified pieces of music to adapt the style of music for the clients. Multi-instrumentalist, he compose’s,perform’s & record’s all of his track’s in his recording studio. His passion for music had brought him to explore a whole set of instrument’s, though a large variety of stringed instruments like (guitar-bass-violin-mandolin) and wind instrument’s like (flute & a wide range of recorder’s,clarinet,pan flute & harmonica) play’s also the piano & keyboard’s, percussion’s and also middle eastern instrument’s like the Oud, the Gopichand & the Ekpara.

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