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Hello My Full name is Anthony Robbins Jr I have been recording music sence i was 17 and I have been writing music sence i was 13. Im from Miami Fl, i was born there in 1988 and lived there for 11 years then I Moved to Saint Petersburg Fl, in 2000. I never was interested in music until i was 13 or 14 years old in junior high when i heard about a legendary Hip-Hop Artist Tupac who was one of the greatest rappers in the music industry. Once i heard about the legendary entertainer i was very impressed, motivated, and curious. Tupac Shakur was the first rapper that i ever knew about. When i was younger all i heard playing were Tupac and biggies Cd’s being played. So when became so interested in rap music I decided to write my own song the first song i ever wrote was titled G For Gangsta. it was very good for my first time writting music. as time passed i wrote a whole entire demo but it was all written no audio so people couldn’t never hear my music but they could see it on paper. as more time passed i got older and better with the music, over time I became very good with computers when i got my first computer i started typing all my lyrics and saving them to my computer in a files. when i was 17 i learned how to work the recording audio on my computer, I bought i microphone for it and i recorded my freestyles, for a while i became more of a freestyler then a writter so i gave my self a stage named called Freestyle tony. So i had the freestyles and audio but i need beats. so i made some weird beats but they were good enough for me. Over time i made some demos and i had my friends and family listen to them. some said they were good some said they were ok. But mean while i took a very long break from making demos when my computer broke down. later i rented a lab top and started back recording music when i was 19. I Made a demo titled Gotta Black Freestyles , which turn out good. my friends were very impressed by the songs i made. but took another long break from the music when i had return my lab top because i couldn’t keep up the payments. When i was 20 year later i had my own personal lab top and recorded a demo titled Cost Money To Make Money in 2008. My friends really liked the demo very much was told to be the best one i recorded, later i decided to my a myspace artist profile and a website to promote the demo. later me and my friend decided to start a rap group titled Papachaserz which is now the name of our website. The Url is www.papachaserz.com the site has our photos. music, videos, and mini bios.

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