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Recently, I was asked by my good friend Buddy Vargas to write his Bio for his fans, I could write the typical Bio. With notes on how much Buddy loves to fish, his humorous side, or how Buddy sit’s under the stars and sings, how he enjoys a slow dance with a pretty girl, or how Buddy works out using his bike for exercise, or even tell you some of Buddy’s adventures on his travels. However, there is more to Buddy Vargas the man, that fans should know about my friend and just how he tic’s! The more I learned about Buddy the more, I realized this man was born into pure talent. With a gift of his own that has developed from the early years and influenced by his musically talented father Manuel Vargas. Manuel Vargas is no stranger to the industry with his talents ranging from singing and song writing, and nominated for the Tejano Hall of Fame with inductions honoring this talented man (Manuel Vargas) in January 2010. I would like to take time the time to add, congratulations to Mr. Manuel Vargas on his accomplishments. Buddy was a mere Puerto Rican Boy at the young age of eleven from Kansas City, when his father moved the family to Texas. A move, which would prove for Buddy life changing with many opportunities that led into a world of music. With a promising future in the music field, and Buddy embarking as Spanish song writer, Buddy’s career began to develop, in the late 1990’s it wasn’t until Buddy discovered RADNEY FOSTER'S music that Buddy reached deeper into his musical soul and begin to write lyrics from the heart with inspiration from one of Texas’s favorite Artist George Strait .With Buddy’s new style and smooth lyrics developing quickly, Buddy began to build on his success in writing Spanish songs for numerous female artists in the region and southwest regions of the United States and Mexico. Today you can still hear Buddy Vargas early work mingled with his newer work in the industry over the air wave’s regionally with thousand of fans eager for more of Buddy’s music. Currently, Buddy performs with the talented band of entertainer’s and artist known as “LA CALMA” Buddy strives for that perfect sound and mix of traditional Tejano and Country flavor with lyrics that reach deep into the soul and enlighten the heart. Who is Angel “Buddy “Vargas?…He is a gifted musician with abilities to write lyrics that not only tell a story but, paint a picture in your mind with the sound of music. Buddy Vargas is a man of family Honor and devoted to his beliefs, with a God given Talent, and a style of his own that no other Artist has been able to achieve in the short period of his career. Buddy, is a shooting star that has lit up the region with the band “LA CALMA” I will leave you a direct quote from Buddy…”I just want people to relate to my music, and know it’s from my heart.” It is an Honor to be friends with Angel “Buddy” Vargas. With much respect for your talent and work, Western-Author R.S.Wells

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