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Bugie, has been an underground Hip Hop artist. He was born and raised in Festac Town Lagos Nigeria, where he started his music. "The ARMAGEDDON album is my first solo album recording and is no doubt going to be like Harley Chase's SUCKER PUNCH novel which leaves it's readers astonished till the last page. It's time to switch the rap game with a mixture of Hardcore, Jazz Funk, Nigerian Hip Hop and a little R&B flavor". ARMAGEDDON is the irony of the thoughts of men for centuries, which has brought about a change in the existence of mankind. Hate, jealousy, crime, wars, hunger, disease and oppression is the order of the day. This album is designed to showcase the obstacles that faced Bugie in his home country Nigeria, and it's significance is to let the younger generation feel a sense of belonging giving them the courage to dream for "Dreams come true". Bugie is Influenced by the drive to reach out to the less privileged and the oppressed and his music is inspired by 2pac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G for their dream to expanding Hip Hop music worldwide.

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Website: www.bugie4evamore.webs.com

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