Pop, Jazz, Folk
From: Cape Town, South Africa

Band Members

  • Bushman Boy - Vocals, Guitar
  • Allan Roberts - Lead Guitar
  • Llewellyn Cassels - Bass
  • Dave Palm - Tenor/Alto Sax, Flute
  • Rory - Percussion
  • Nathan Wentsel - Backing Vox

About Band

Bushman Boy & the Flats (BBATF) formed in July 2006 as result of internet ads placed by the band’s leader, Bushman Boy, looking for band members to tackle an existing repertoire of songs written by Bushman Boy himself. What resulted seemed pre-destined in some way or another. “I certainly didn’t expect things to go as well as they have” says Bushman Boy. “It’s almost a case of perfect simpatico.” The band’s name, BBATF, pays homage to their down-to-earth approach to making music. “We’re all avid lovers of good music and it’s out of that, I guess, that we’ve derived this passion to make our own soul music”, says Allan Roberts, the band’s lead guitarist. Their songs aim to emulate the staying power of traditional bushman songs and stories that have become “immortal”. “I’m amazed at how slave songs and bushman stories have transcended the boundaries of time, space and social status”, says Bushman Boy. With that in mind the band set a goal to compile and record some songs to serve as a demo. They then spent two months recording spontaneously in the lounges of the various members. The result was a resounding success producing a sound and songs that the band was proud of. “I’m most happy with the authenticity of our sound. I think that people would be able to distinguish us from what’s on the radio at the moment” adds Dave Palm, the band’s saxophonist and flautist. So what’s their secret? Llewellyn Cassells, the band’s bassist says, “We get along well when we’re not making music which means that the music we make reflects this”. BBATF plan to gig and promote their demo extensively in the early part of 2007. Despite their simplified approach, BBATF is a quality new act that will indelibly leave a positive mark on the South African music scene.

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