Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B
From: Hamilton, ON, Canada

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Canadian artist Giovanni Hernandez, better known as his stage name: Canomusiq (born June 9th 1993) was born in Steel City into a spanish family. He grew up in Mexico City with his mom side of the family. Later on his life, his father decided to go back to Canada to live with his side of the family in a small city named Hamilton. Canomusiq could only speak Spanish by the time his parents put him in school. Canomusiq always loved listening to all kind of different music, but fell in love with creating it as soon as he met his grade 3 teacher who put him in a choir. Ever since then, he had the idea of taking a song, and changing the words. Everybody around him noticed him really attractive to music. He had dreams at a young age of being a voice for the youth and standing for what's right. All of that changed once he went on to high school. Drugs, Alcohol, Sex, & Violence came into his life and made him care less about anything. Growing up, he met alot of people who influenced him into doing positive and negative things. All he ever wanted to do is be everybody's favorite and centre of attention. Meeting certain friends in high school who had the love for music made him think back to the time when he also loved music. Hip Hop, Rap, & R&B was always everybody's favorite. Free styling at parties, porches, stairwells was more like a hobby to him. Until one day, he looked into his shoebox where he kept and saved alot of money, and decided to do something positive with it and bought himself a studio microphone, studio recording program, and build a booth inside his room. Ever since then he's being creating and studying music all in his home. Canomusiq released his first mixtape "This Is Me" on July 2010 witch got him really noticed into the music world. ever since the start of 2011, he has being working on his second mixtape "Pain&Pleasure". The release date for his second mixtape was on January 30th 2012. Make sure to support real talent and tell everybody about Canomusiq and his mixtape "Pain&Pleasure"

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