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Capitol Pain is dedicated to relieving the pain and discomfort suffered by many folks who cannot find relief. We are located in Austin, Texas and we are specialists in pain management, as well as ridding our patients of their particular form of discomfort, such as lower back pain, foot and neck pain and other type of discomforts, such as fibromyalgia. If you love to run, but just can't seem to do it anymore without pain, come by our office for an individual work up, based on your life style and individual characteristics. If you find that you can no longer do the activities you did before because it is too painful, come see us. We treat everyone as an individual and our staff is very aware that you are coming to us for relief from the agony of not being able to function in your everyday life. Come see us!

Capitol Pain Institute

8015 Shoal Creek Boulevard #103, Austin, TX 78757

Phone: (512) 467-7246

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