Captain SIB

Captain SIB

Captain SIB

Rock, Psychedelic, Other
From: Hamilton, United Kingdom

Band Members

  • Iain Fraser - Singer, writer
  • Stuart Ireland - Musician, writer
  • Billy Mushet - Bass

About Band

Captain SIB are a modern rock band with a psychedelic twist.
Together for ten years, the SIB have worked hard on their production and musical writings, always keeping their sound fresh with the SIB's unique blend of many genres.
With a vast collection of original music from the last ten years, the SIB never stop recording new material. In what direction will we see the SIB take next?

" 2010 hopes to be the year we can put down the tea for long enough to get this stuff moving"

Captain SIB have been featured on local radio and many internet radio shows, most recently on AIIRADIO.

" With Captain SIB, its not always about the music. There's always something new happening on the wall, be it with our SIBtv projects, or with our original artwork, we try and give the fans a little more than studio updates."

So there you have it, a brief insight into Captain SIB, though, there is only one way of gaining a true insight into the magical tea-pot that is Captain SIB. JOIN US......

The SIB would like to thank you for stopping by.
Feel free to contact us if your interested in using our music for your own projects. Or if you just want to join the mailing list for news and updates...

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