Carlo Koosh

Carlo Koosh

Carlo Koosh

Rap, Hip-Hop
From: Akanda, Gabon

About Artist

Stage Name : Carlo Koosh Birth Name : Charles Axel René Tchikoundzi Music Genre : Rap/Hip Hop/Crunk/Jerk Birthplace : Libreville (Gabon) Birth date : 19 novembre 1991 Carlo Koosh is an active rapper since 2010 under the nickname of Master-Boyz TRN known for several singles stored in the mixtape he called "A New King Was Born" currently available for many of its tracks on SoundCloud. In 2010, when he began in the music industry, he worked with two of his mentors : DJ Angeles and El-Griv who switched stage name to Virgil DeShawn. Those two guys made his first beats. They're also those who pushed him forward to make a career. The three of them went to the same high school : Nelson Mandela High School. When Charles was a student in eleventh grade specialized in Economics, they were in twelveth grade of the same field as him. After they obtained their A-Level and went to college, they recommended Charles to a good beatmaker/producer they knew. El-Griv moved to the US and DJ Angeles to South Africa. That producer, Lil King, worked with Charles during the mixtape "A New King Was Born". Then, Carlo Koosh under the name Master-Boyz TRN appeared in 2011 and 2012 with his first album entitled "Deep Truth" in mind and completed it by the end of June 2013. During 2012, he came out with new tracks he decided to put in a new mixtape : "Unofficial Mixtape" which is currenty in process. Many of these tracks are remixes and some others are original beats he's gotten from various american beatmakers and producers such as : Conscious Beats, Kelly Roberts, DJ Ill Sound and others with whom he got used to work. While he was getting fans everywhere as many as he could, he met two local beatmakers, their names Hustler Beats and Slayer Beatz. Then he came up with some tracks signed from those local beatmakers/producers. Charles uses the internet as a way of gaining fans and support from people all around the world. It works out well as he wanted it to be and he mainly use : Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, ReverbNation and so forth. Today, he has a lot of his music on the internet via Google searches. He's not spoken of a new album coming out but he is still in studio from time to time to record songs he puts as singles but some others in the mixtape he's working on "Unofficial Mixtape".

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