Casper Harlet

Casper Harlet

Casper Harlet

Acoustic, Other, Alternative
From: CLAYTON, NY, United States

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I am a songwriter using music as a medium to deliver lyrics. Most of the music I write is about me, most, not all, if not directly about me, its about things that effect me profoundly. I have recorded albums, lived on the road playing 7 shows a week, hell some street shows for gas money. I do not currently play out, I have little desire to persue that life. I will record a Casper Harlet album in the future and possibly gig but my main deal is creating music and words. It has always flowed out of me like exhaling and I am a better person when I write, so I kinda have to. The music I post, videos are all songs written within minutes of recording. I catch the raw of myself and share it. Its lile stripping naked and running down the road. But music is very selective of its listener and when you dress it up its made to be recieved kindly by people that its not intended for. My music is for a few and not many. No sugar here, just depth.

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