Rock, Experimental, Acoustic
From: Oshawa, ON, Canada

Band Members

  • Joey Martel - Composer/Multi-Instrumentalist
  • Nathan Tremblett - Lyrics/Vocals

About Band

It was a cloudy night, in 1969, and something was stirring. Amongst the sounds of the cold night wind there was howling. Joseph Michael Erwing Angus Martel III was out for a midnight stroll when he heard the sound of a woman being telephoned. Joseph knew he had to act quickly, for it wouldn't be long until the opportunity had passed and the woman would no longer be breaking the heart of the woman on the other end of the phone. He ran through six trees and a bunch of water and found the woman. He lurked among the bushes and trees in that old forgotten garden. The prawn were buzzing above. As Joseph approached the sound of the woman's voice he was shocked and appalled to uncover the mysterious voice. You see, this woman was no ordinary woman. She was born one of the night. Her name was Nathan Bartholomew Adhair Manchester Di-Tremblett. When the two night prowler's eyes locked a special bond was formed. This bond was so musical that from it was born a musical enigma. Also Nathan became male. The phantasm became known as the most powerful musical duo of all the garden. This duo took the name of it's surroundings. Casual Garden Party has erupted on the local music scene in their hometown, Oshawa, ON. Within their first year of writing alone they have become well known amongst the people and plants alike. Their music has remained unchallenged and has a power level of OVER 9000?!?!?!?! BASICALLY. The best. kthxbye.

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