Casual Wish

Casual Wish

Casual Wish

Power pop, Hard rock, Emo
From: Wall, NJ, United States

Band Members

  • Mikey Beagan - Guitar
  • Casey Cannon - Drums
  • Seamus O'Connor - Guitar/Vocals
  • Joe Perrino - Bass/Vocals

About Band

Casual Wish, you may never know where the name originated, but what's in a name? Founded in the cold of February 2002 by Joe Perrino (Bass/Vocals) and Casey Cannon (Drums). They were out to find a guitarist who had experience, after a few members came and went quickly they soon found Mikey Beagan (Guitar) who had been in various punk-rock bands prior to Casual Wish. With the base members in place the band began writing. In their early beginnings the band wrote similarly to their roots, but as they evolved the developed a style all their own, Casual Wish.

After sometime of being together as a band, the trio decided to develop more material that could be used for their Demo. Writing such favorites as "The Things That Break When You Scream", "Pull The Pin" and "Danger Bridge Out Ahead" they searched for a place to roughly record their first demo CD. The trio recorded their first demo in the basement of their close friends house (As every band eventually does). Recording, and mastering their demo themselves the band felt accomplished to finally have something to put out and to call their own. They set up a MySpace page, and burned more CD's than Staples had in stock.

As time went on, and the sound that was Casual Wish evolved, they had always talked of finding another guitarist to add more to the band. It was always brought up in talks and pushed out of the way alot. Eventually, Casual Wish held try-outs in Casey's basement where it all started. Try-out's were over and the band still had not found an additional guitar player to the band. The same year the band was playing a hometown show at an old venue in Asbury Park with many friends and family at the show. Among those friends and family was long-time friend Seamus O'Connor. Seamus has also been in various punk-rock bands as well. After the show, the band talked with Seamus, and it was agreed that Seamus would join Casual Wish. Seamus' old band slowly crumbled and the members went their separate ways and he was now part of Casual Wish.

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