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as a young man rappin came naturally to me and at first it was just fun,but friends and fam told me i was pretty good at it so i decided to write songs and make beats and try my luck at at it ...turns out they were right i have released two albums one most recent called still down through b.m.e canada and a previous release called its about time independently ...its about time sold out ....and my record cd printer dude moved away .....oh well i have played everywhere from the olympic stadium in montreal to the harvest jazz and blues festival in fredericton i got two videos on youtube first is life's questions from the lp its about time and the second is can u make a million dollars from still down ...i am soapy in the movie skate proof and will try to put freddy on the world stage with my music ...my hip hop ...my life ...peace also i am available for show through ceeb's spot or http://www.bmecanada.ca/ one love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! world i been rappin my whole life i got an lp released three years ago called its about time and a video on youtube called life's questons i also have another one for my song on here can u make a million dollars i have performed with the likes of many including,nfp,dna,monark,sean one,firstwords, dj stv dj jorun dj iv, r smooth,been on stage in a freestyle session with krs one and yeah i was spittin. it was in halifax nova scotia at the marquee,done shows with classified, j bru, jordan croucher,pumpkin head ,ghettoscks,phakt,caleb simmonds,dub antenna, baby blue sound crew,ross neilson,and i can rap forever …trust me on that.i am programmed by the motives of hiphop creation ,live loop in the studio and tight beat makin now for those of you who dont know i make my own beats i perform all the time if you need a dope ass rapper holla at me and we'll get it crackin my new album entitled still down is due out real soon so keep it locked !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i plan on doing music for a long time to come i especially enjoy playin hiphop with a live band .....i remember when folks would say that hip hop was just a fad and now its 2011 almost 2012 and its still playin on radios in your car at home its everywhere so believe this if anything at all it was never a fad it was and is the future AND NOW ON ITUNES CEEB http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/still-down/id515697008 oh yeah and by the ...i am now a signed artist to http//:www.bmecanada.ca

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Website: www.facebook.com/ceebdreadshouse

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