Celestial Beings Contemplating Their Own Existence

Celestial Beings Contemplating Their Own Existence

Celestial Beings Contemplating Their Own Existence

Alternative, Experimental, Indie
From: Duluth, MN, United States

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Follow Me On: twitter.com/cbctoe instagram.com/cbctoe_band facebook.com/cbctoe reverbnation.com/cbctoe Buy My EP On: cbctoe.bandcamp.com CBCTOE is an experimental band. A solo effort, more precisely. The writer, composer (of every instrument), mixer, and promoter is Joseph Taylor. "Each song I write is ultimately trying to capture a "nostalgic" feeling. Memories. It's a different memory every time. And it all depends on which nostalgic memory was in mind at the time of composing" Lyrics, and vocals made the memories too specific. Too personal. So, I went with the decision of instrumental composition instead. That way, my musics only true meaning is what it means and represents to you. My goal, is to have you (the listener) feel something. Maybe something deep. Personal. Maybe a longing for someone, or something. Anything. Without even saying a word. I wanted my songs to mean something to you, even if entirely different then what I had wrote the song about. The titles of the songs are a description of the memories I was thinking during the time of composing. Again, nothing too specific, because I don't want my music to be about only me. I'm not looking for band members. For this particular music effort, anyways. This is more of a "personal diary" if you would. At the same time, it's impersonal. Hopefully you can see why I labeled it as "experimental". If anyone wants to add vocals, remix, add layers, or experiment with my music, I would actually love that. My music is not copyrighted. So in fear of having some inconsiderate, non-creative, jerk off steal what's mine and use as their own, I've turned the downloads off. It's not that I don't want people to own my music. It's especially flattering knowing someone likes my music so much, they want to carry it with them. But (like stated above), if you want to mess with my music, or add to it, please send me an email. Preferably at cbctoe@gmail.com. I keep the original files on my PC, and would gladly send you whichever track(s) you'd like. As long as you showed me the finished version :) I hope you enjoy my music. I've worked very hard over the years to create what you're listening to. But if you don't like my music, I understand. In fact, I'd appreciate you telling me that. Then I know the feelings some people get are "nothing".

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