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Chad Davis, a.k.a Cha Diggs, is an East Coast hip-hop representer from Laconia, NH.  He first started recording music at the age of 18.  During that time Cha Diggs went by Young C.  He was involved in a duo group called “Step Twice” with childhood friend Chas Guldemond (; who back then went by Chuck G.  Together they released 1 mixtape titled “S2 The Mixtape”.  Step Twice received much local recognition, but they were forced to split up as Chas pursued his career in professional snowboarding.  Chas is currently a very successful professional snowboarder. Rockstar is his largest sponsor, YouTube that fool he doing his thing!  From there Cha Diggs joined T. Franchise and J Marz.  Together they formed the hip-hop group “The Council." The Council released a mixtape called “Everybodys Listen vol.1."  The mixtape was successful, selling many copies which opened doors for The Council and enabled them to perform shows throughout New England.  The group eventually parted ways and Cha Diggs then abandoned his career as Young C.  It wasn't until 2009, when Cha Diggs started writting more and decided to take a more serious approach to music and began his solo career as Cha Diggs.  Over the years, Chad Diggs has grown personally as well as musically and has really found who he is as a musician.  In 2010 Cha Diggs decided to fully dedicate himself to music.  Along with a close group of friends, Cha Diggs formed a team which was dedicated solely to music and they labeled themselves "The Dukes." On April 22nd, 2010 Cha Diggs released a mixtape, Prelude Scatter, which consisted of previous and newly recorded songs.  Currently, Cha Diggs is working on his latest mixtape, Jet Skies and Fire Flies, which is planned to release in Fall of 2010.  Along with the release of his mixtape in the Fall, Cha Diggs plans to schedule several shows for the end of 2010 and beginning of 2011.

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