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Ryan Thomas Bascombe,[1] (born June 04 1987)[2] better known by his stage name Chance Calaway bka Doomsdaye, is an Caribbean rapper from the island of Trinidad and Tobago. He first Began to rapping professional when he and some friends were freestyle battling over their lunch break.,Where a passerby heard the group and thought they sounded good.Whereby funding the Two artist interested in recording professionally, one of which was Chance. They called themselves D3 and first song they ever recorded my a hit by the name of Forgive Me. After producing nine collaborations the group disbanded late 2008. Chance continued different aspects of music and became better lyrically and vocally than when he was in the group D3. He added a last name to His name Chance for legal purposes after the reality show "I Love new York" where one of the contestants carried the same name. Like any other good artist Chance sometimes feds into his dark side whereby his lyrics are stronger and well put together to explain certain situations, he calls this alter ego "Doomsdaye" There is more to be said bout Chance in the future he is definitely not an artist to sleep on!!!!!

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