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Thank you for visiting... CHASE BLACK STONE / BIO / DEMO  OUT-TAKE SITE        

               CHASE BLACK STONE / Demo musicians are:
               Jeff Chase: Bass / Vocals / Rhythm Guitar
               Tom Lehar: Lead Guitar / Vocals / Rhythm Guitar
               Zolton Kollar: Drums / Percussion / Back Vocals

Bio  / Jeff Chase as a youngster Jeff was a foster child with older siblings that were country, gospel, soul & rhythm & blues musicians. Led by his foster mother who engraved music by Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Jackie Wilson, Wilson Pickett, Mahailia Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Carol King, The Fifth Dimension, Diana Ross, B.B.King, Ray Charles along with the occassional church function spiritual song & praise into Jeff. Jeff as a child would pretend to be Micheal Jackson, his playmates were the rest of the Jackson Five. Singing ABC, I’ll Be There, The Love You Send, Ben along with the 45 or the used and badly scratched 33 r.p.m LP. Jeff would be singing lead voice and doing dance routines discovering an ear & talent for music, singing & melody. Some of the first artists Jeff cut his teeth on were: Sam Cooke, The Jackson 5, The Temptations, Wilson Pickett, Four Tops, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, The Isley Bros. Elvis, Mahailia Jackson, The Beatles, The Fifth Dimension, The Rolling Stones, The Who, James Brown, Little Richard, Tommy James and the Chondells, Diana Ross and the Supremes, Elvis Presley, Chicago, Blood, Sweat & Tears, Carol King, Carly Simon, James Taylor, Simon & Garfunkel, Paul Revere & The Raiders, Eric Burden & War/ The Animals, The Monkees, Partridge Family The Osmonds, The Jackson Five, Elton John & Captain Fantastic, Earth ,Wind & Fire, Led Zeppelin. The Partridge Family, The Beatles, The Monkees, The Osmonds musical family/friendship lifestyle music fantasy lived deep in Jeff’s heart and soul. Jeff respected the lifestyle, glitz & glamour & thought to himself …MMM! "Expressing one's self through song, melody, dance and emotion".  Jeff could get what he had to say across…to others. Jeff felt in heart, he would like to lead that kind of lifestyle. Jeff loves to entertain, not only mixed with the talent, beautiful friends, acquaintances, gorgeous women and travel. The bonus is the meeting different of people of all cultures, ages, colors and sizes, from all over the world, nations, languages, different beliefs and at the end of the night Jeff collect's a small feefor something that he enjoys so much. Some of the vintage music television Jeff grew up on was (The Partridge Family/ The Monkees/ The Osmonds) The Jackson 5, The Beatles, Fat Albert and the Cosby kids, The Archies, Josie & the Pussy Cat's musical Saturday morning cartoons. The Brady Bunch even did a musical family few episodes.Jeff also love to watch Soul Train, The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour, Hee Haw, The Captain & Tenelle Show, The Ed Sullivan Show, The American Band Stand, The Andy Williams Show, The Dean Martin & Sammy Davis Jr. Shows showcasing the worlds top talent, acts, band appearances, performers, performances and players.    Jeff born in Windsor, Ont. and raised in rural Harrow / Colchester, South Township, not far from the border city at "Motown"," The Motor City", Downtown Detroit Michigan. Jeff was genuinely influenced by "Motown" star's and/or other music individuals such as Sam Cooke, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder. Jeff’s summers were at Colchester Beach on the shore of Lake Erie right at the mouth of the Detroit River. The regular recreation was swimming and hangin' out on the harbor rocks, in the beach houses and jammin' the local jukebox and pinball shops sharing French fries listening to Sly & The Family Stone,"Hot fun In The Summertime"  The Brothers Johnson, The Ohio Players, Average White Band, Joe Cocker, Alice Cooper, All the Motown, Al Greene. Patti Labelle, Evelyn Champagne King, The Isley Bros... Peter Frampton, Elvin Bishop, Boz Skaggs, Gerry Rafferty, Earth Wind & Fire, Jeff met Greg Allman by fluke on his way into the washroom at a Hilton Hotel lobby entrance way coming back from seeing him live in Clarkston, Michigan, Jeff’s also met Adrian Smith & Dave Murray from Iron Maiden, Bobby Rondinelli - drums  from Rainbow when they were sitting in the main-floor risers watching 38 Special play, before they went up to perform at Cobo Arena, Detroit Michigan. Jeff also met J. Geils & Magic Dick back stage at the Windsor Blues Fest.

Jeff plays by ear, and he can also read charts. Jeff plays by soul and feeling through emotions placing his emphasis on messages of life experiences. Expressing this though a positive outlet music / lyrics of his emotions are delivered through bass, vocal and guitar work.   Jeff still developing, studying, learning, staying open to creating new and original styles. Picking up bits and pieces by watching and listening paying attention to Readings of the guitar neck, learning names, notes, chords & patterns.   Jeff started his first rock band "The Sweet Senators" when he was 14 years old along with my high school chum and best friend drummer John Patrick and Newfoundlander Gary Mercer cousin of "April Wine" drummer Jerry Mercer.   “The Sweet Senators” often accompanied by local West Windsor musician lead guitarist Levi Shaw. Senators played concerts at Harrow District High School and private parties. Jeff played high school basketball keeping his voice, and health in shape. This is when Jeff decided to play bass guitar & sing lead vocals and started writing originals. Gary, John and himself rehearsed and headed for the studio to record 4 original tracks. Jeff sang and wrote the lyrics played the bass. Jeff entered local music contests "The Battle Of The Bands" at Windsor's Mic Mac Park, the band called "CHASE" with Ted Nugent type lead and rhythm guitarist & friend Phil Grenon and drummer Larry Larsh. The” Chase” band didn't place that year. But the next year with some different area musicians Jeff formed "BLACKSMYTH" with lead guitarist Don Dame, drummer Ritchie Young both from Leamington Ont., Grant Cruickshank on Lead & Rhythm Guitar from LaSalle, Ont., Jeff on bass & lead vocal from a tiny beach area called Colchester Beach had relocated to the Fountain Bleu Projects in East Windsor. If I’m not mistaking I do believe that Canadian musician Gordie Johnson "BIG SUGAR" guitarist, singer/songwriter played in that "Battle Of The Bands". Gordie attended at Brennen High School in Windsor, Ontario. Jeff played local pubs and played local action centers dances and parties. Jeff played bass for"Battle Of The Bands " contestant AMARANTH for a short period with Ian Acott, Drew Brown, Richard Cinema replacing "Amaranth" bassist Mitch Taylor. Jeff grouped a version of BLACKSMITH with guitarist extraordinaire Mark Chichkan & his brother Mike on drums. Mark later when onto play write & record lead guitar expertise with the popular Canadian 80's Rock Band - Helix. After BLACKSMITH  Jeff & AMARANTH guitarist Drew Brown joined a local Windsor band CROOKED ARROW with guitarist Norm Seguin of Tecumseh, Ont. and local Windsor vocalist Tyra Marion. Jeff played bass and did some lead and back vocals in Crooked Arrow. Jeff then went onto form B.A.C.H. = Bracewell / Acott / Chase / Holocaust... B for dear friend & brother the late great Rob Bracewell on guitar & vocals, A for Ian Acott on drums/vocals C for Jeff Chase on bass/vocals H for Holocaust the ultimate rock music that they brought to life. Jeff took time off to write ORIGINALS and try to have a family life, which ended in separation. Jeff had to contemplate, struggle, search, find & make a conscious decision to go where his heart was... Jeff brushed up his chops in a few cover bands. "BLACK ROSE"Motown Magic” Motor City Music Band” “Mr. Please” playing the “A” Club circuit & festivals in Windsor, Ont. & “The Soup Kitchen” in Detroit, MI.  Jeff then made another decision to pursue his music ambitions and promote what he had written over the years as a Canadian artist, singer/songwriter. Jeff took to the road in search of music opportunities & ways that he could bring his music and melodies to life. Jeff struggled with funding, and first took a look at the Toronto music scene, then Montreal scene, then Vancouver, where he resides today.

 CBS Studio Guests: Pedro Mota: Lead Guitar on "I Made Vow's" / Piano / Keyboards / Synth / Bass / Drums / arrangment on   "Incomplete" Rosco: Saxophone "Never Knew" Todd Musyj: Lead & Rhythm Guitar on "Cigarette" Special Thanks To PMG Sound, Coquitlam B.C. Special Thanks To Recording Engineer Shawn Warder & Janet / Heaven At Hand Studio's, Tsawwasssen, B.C.

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