Chase Matthews

Chase Matthews

Chase Matthews

Acoustic, Alternative, Rock
From: London, ON, Canada

Band Members

  • Chris Matthews - Vocals/ Rythm
  • E.J. Debenham - Guitar/ Vocals

About Band

Hey guys.....wats up?......not much with me either...well ill tell you about me again, hopefully someone will record me some good quality stuff for free soon, since you cant use tapes and reel to reel a lot anymore, its all digital, so...ill take my shot....wish me luck, Im a big guys 6'2, around 205.....I like alomst anytype of'd have to ask to really pretty versatile vocally.....and im not tooo too vain....but i am a singer so....I want to write a whole crapload of stuff on here exlaining who I am and why i do wat i do...but screw it....If you really wanna knwo about me, youll find out....I have three sites now and ill keep going wherever i can to expose my music.......Come along, support me, hate me, love me, trash me, but dont step on my Blue Suede shoes, or ill be pissed..........ENJOY MY COVERS AND ACOUSTIC STUFF......better recordings to come soon, these are from this summer 2007, see my other stuf, check the lklinks on this page....You wont regret it, i find my sites kinda moving.....I try to make stuf uplifting and easy/ fun to read......SO TELL PEOPLE I ROCK AND IM NOT A PRICK OR ANYTHING CAUSE I AINT AND I DO!!!.....i digress, cause i try to be a leading man....ltr guys./ and girls/ and dogs,,,, Hey im on facebook too under Chris Matthews in the London network, but if ya piss me off there ure on ure own...

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