Chasing Mercury

Chasing Mercury

Chasing Mercury

Rock, Progressive, Punk
From: Anywhere, ON, Canada

About Band

Economically, the Supply for bands in the entertainment market far exceeds the Demand, which drives down the Price at which most bands are paid for products or services rendered. This explains why the vast majority of musicians (ie. drummer Luke 'Skyrocker') have to telemarket all day in order to finance their musical career, all in the vain hope that one day they may only have to telemarket for enjoyment on the weekends. In the cutthroat industry of music, which is governed by the biological law of natural selection or 'survival of the fittest' [everyone knows there is no nepotism in the music industry], the only way to sustain this hope is to compile a biography that rocks much harder than every other band's bio, thus ensuring the proliferation of future generations of Epic bios. Essentially, the band's music is secondary; the 'soundtrack,' if you will, to the biography. The offshoot of this is that, according to every bio in existence, the band it refers to is the only innovative sound in a stagnating scene, which combines the technical elements of the elite bands, with the melody and catchiness of the top 40's artists, not to mention innumerable adjectives describing the godlike abilities of the members; whose culmination ultimately spawned the brainchild of which the world has never seen! And, this biography is no different!!

But aside from the obvious, Chasing Mercury is a 4 piece progressive rock/punk band based out of London, Ontario. The band is currently completing the tracking of their 13 song debut album "Midnight at the Ball," with a CD release date planned for Sept 15/07. In order to fund the production of the CD, the singer/guitarist of the band, 'Robbie Mercury,' took out his tool kit from the tuff box of his pick up truck and literally, singlehandedly built a massive studio now called 'Beach Road Studios' in the summer of 2006. From then until May 2007, the group continued the arduous process of writing, arranging, rehearsing, re-writing, scrapping and reviving old songs. Much like the building of the studio, the meticulous process can be likened to 'digging a giant hole and building your way out of it.' Often times luxurious additions are added only to be shattered with the proverbial wrecking ball of compromise. And unseen termite infested pockets are exterminated and converted into metaphorical steel girders (THAT'll hold) of sobriety. However, the group is confident the end result "Midnight at the Ball" is an immaculate crystalline Wizards's tower with at least 13 bathrooms.

The band really is 'Chasing Mercury' in every sense of the phrase. The perpetual pursuit of the Roman messenger of the gods would undoubtedly be an unattainable endeavour [he's a fast motherfucker], and as we all know, very few bands succeed in the music industry. However, the relevance of the name is broader than that. Anyone in the world can, in some way, relate to the sense of futility attempting something seemingly always beyond their grasp, be it the pursuit of meaning, lasting happiness, satisfying career, or creating the perfect song. Nevertheless, the best way to get the furthest you'll ever go is by chasing something you'll never catch. And if you aren't already won over by our bio (as if, haha), go listen to our CD. Alternatively, 'catch' my fist.

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