Chemical Burn

Chemical Burn

Chemical Burn

Hard rock, Rock, Metal
From: Stratford, ON, Canada

Band Members

  • Skid Rowe - Guitar
  • Eddie McKenna - Vocals
  • Rayzor - Drums
  • Dillz Swillz - Bass

About Band

If Bacchus had a house band, Chemical Burn would be it. Like Bacchus, it took dismemberment and rebirth to finally harness the sublime singular entity that is Chemical Burn. Formed in 2011 but solidified in 2013, Chemical Burn consists of Skid Rowe on guitar, Eddie Arsenic on lead vocals, Dillz Swillz on bass and Rayzor on drums. In unison, the four members of Chemical Burn create and perform high energy rock n' roll channeled from their homage to ritual madness and intoxication. Through ritual intoxication of the senses, Chemical Burn liberates their ever expanding followers - the “Burnouts” - of fears, cares and oppressive restraints. During live performances, madness is celebrated both onstage and offstage and whether it be beer, wine or whiskey the Burnouts tribute Dionysus passionately. Countless times, from the stage, we have seen men and women dancing in ecstasy to our music – their souls emancipated from the material world for lengthy periods of time. Chemical Burn don't care who you are or where you're from, their unique brand of rock n' roll will grab you, shake you and leave you wanting more. Ancient alchemists sought chrysopoeia and panacea as methods of achieving immortality. Great music is immortal – but, as in alchemy, the method to achieving this is not at all simple. Chemical Burn believes in a meticulous work ethic. Every song must ignite our core. Our zeal for enduring rock n' roll is reflected through our commitment to transcendence. Band practices are numerous and lengthy, and our show schedule is always full. There is no distance Chemical Burn isn't willing to go to spread our rock n' roll and every show is treated as though the entire world is watching. Followed by the Burnouts, Chemical Burn has been expanding out of South-Western Ontario at a rapid pace. In May of 2015 Chemical Burn began recording their first EP entitled “Smokin Mirrors” which launched in November of the same year. Chemical Burn believes it takes time to make a great thing and all of the members are talented musicians writing fantastic rock n' roll songs. Modern rock music has alarmingly abandoned Bacchus so that dancing and madness no longer have meaning. Chemical Burn believes that lead CAN be turned into gold. Follow us down rabbit hole, and we'll unbind the current state of rock music – together. Oh, and yes we know Alice. She's a Burnout. Email:

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