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The name is Kabelo a.k.a. Chokes from a neighbourhood called Mamelodi,Pretoria. I started writing poetry in 1998 and did my first demo mixtape in 2004. The demo's name was called "From deep within" which was a break it or make it.  This was a turning point in my life as it was basically unleashing what most in my neighbourhood wanted to express but couldn't  voice it out or didnt know how. The demo consisted of 10 tracks which i rehearsed and recorded it in one hour. I remember most peeps will ask me when is the next one coming, what an ispiration.

In 2005 i released another mixtape called "The day after "  which was also good according to reports. I started attending hip hop sessions for battles and i choked many times that they confirmed my name to be Chokes, although that was not the reason why I was named that.

Then in 2007 i took a totally different turn, i was saved and was born again. It later came back to me that i should try Christian Hip Hop, which was a mojor challenge as it reqiured cleaning out all the foul vocabulary. Then in 2008 i decided to team up with a Christian underground artists Pure-Bliss,Its H.I.M., LALU, Broken LP &  Melchizedek. We formed a group called Da' Christ Disciples which can be accessed on Facebook and You-tube. We performed in church events, carrols by candle light to date. Da' Christ Disciples have a 13 track EP called "Y'all know his name". 

Now as a solo artist, i am working on 2 mixtape called " Land of highlanders" which will be ready July 31, 2011 and "The prodigal son" which will be ready November 30,2011

By day i am working as an administrative assistance,as it is written " a man who shall not work, shall not eat" & by night i do recording and writting lyrics in my bedroom. This is my only passion and i believe i will die doing it.




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