Choking On Static

Choking On Static

Choking On Static

Hardcore, Emo, Other
From: Thunder Bay, ON, Canada

Band Members

  • Matt Barbosa - Scream/Vocals
  • Jordan Hartley - Guitar/Scream
  • Mike DesGagne - Drums
  • Zak Lapage - Bass
  • Jaime Bosvik - Lead Gutiar/Vocals

About Band

Starting in the summer of 2007, 4 kids from Westgate decided to make a hardcore band. AND DID IT! Inspired by bands like: As Blood Runs Black, Drop Dead Gorgeous, The Devil Wears Prada, Bring Me The Horizon, and Christina Agulara. The Kids were Jordan Hartley, Matti Barbosa, and Mike Desgagne. Then after some searching, we found a bass player by the name of Zakk Lepage who recently played guitar but could pull off bass to complete the band. After that, a month or so later, they played their first show with bands called Ligeia, The Holly Springs Disaster and Straight Reads The Line at Kilroys in Thunder Bay, they hit the music scene HARD. Better Dayz Productions really appreciated the music and wanted to put them on more shows, so the next show was with bands called Oceans Over Arcane, The Fortunate, and Blindwitness. After those 2 shows the band was set. They got a decent fan base and just kept progressing. Then later when it came time for a show they were on with a band called The Battle Cat, bass player Zakk Lepage was going out of town and couldn't make the show. So the bands friend Jaime Bosvik said he would fill in because he knew the music pretty well and also played bass on the side. Then Zakk recomended, lets get Jaime on lead guitar for the actual band after this! He's a sick guitar player, so when Jaime practiced with Choking on Static with his bass, he brought along his guitar to try things out. Jaime and Jordan tried all the songs with harmonys, solos, and PHAT riffs in some spots and really liked the sound of the music so Jaime joined the band! NOW it was complete. Then more decision came along. Everyone except Mike the drummer did vocals. Matti with his mid range to high screams and some singing, Zakk with his singing, Jordan with his intensly high screams, and Jaime with his yells and big scream range. And NOW Jaime and Jordan are writing some more complex songs with hardcore metal and mathcore in one. Just to make the music more interesting and less predictable. SO keep your eye open because were writing our asses off and making designs for merch. thanks

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