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I'm an artist from Midrand, South Africa doing rap music who in over a decade he spent crafting lyrics, can say i've reached my growth point. What inspires me the most is getting people to learn through struggles that People don't change, but time does and the thought of influencing people to be who the want to be, because there's really no limit to success anybody can make it with efford, time and dedication. I was born in a Village called Malokong_Kop, where all i ever wanted was to get educated and get a job, which by that time I hadn't even had a dream of. Up until at the age of 12 i was brought to the City to see the place i had better opportunities in finding success and that's when I fell in love with Rap music and I knew I could do it, because I've always had a lot to say about everything. I started out going by the name of Triple Eich as a young Emcee, then I joined a couple of crews, which in time I realized that I was a misfit, so I decided to pursue my talent solo.

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