chris woods

chris woods

chris woods

Acoustic, Pop, Indie
From: Douglas, GA, United States

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Georgia native CHRIS WOODS, 20, is paving his way towards success with his Rock/Pop/Acoustic vibes.

With the influences of John Mayer and Ryan Cabrera, he knew that he wanted to be a musician. From that point on, Chris Woods quickly learned to play guitar by reading sheet music as well as learning by ear. In fact, when he was in Pre-K, Chris had an assignment where he had to draw a picture of what he wanted to be when he grew up. He drew a picture of a guy playing a guitar and entitled it "Rockstar." The next week, he had to dress up as a Rock Star, but also dressed as a clown-Chris was known as the Clown Rockstar-which got him his first publication in The Douglas Enterprise, the newspaper of Coffee County, Georgia, since 1888; the town Woods grew up most of his life.

Chris Woods has had the privilege to perform at coffee shops, festivals, various cancer walks, bars, clubs, parties-anywhere that offered him a spot on stage. He even worked at Ruby Tuesdays as a waiter just to buy studio time and everyday items. After realizing that waiting tables wasn't the right approach to go about doing things, he got a job at Carl's JR at the drive-thru. Honest days work, right?

After that job, Chris moved to Jacksonville to make something more out of himself than just a fast food junkie. In due time, he played during his breaks at the malls he worked at. "I feel as if Jacksonville is my real hometown", says Woods.

Soon something unexpected happened, forcing him to pack up and move back to Georgia. "I realized life sometimes throws you curves when you are looking for fastballs. But thankfully I love curveballs because they only make you stronger," speaks Chris about his struggles. "My life has been filled with many downs and a few ups but you always have to look up even when you're tired."

So he spent almost a year in Douglas, Ga before randomly leaving for the coast. "I had this night where I felt like I needed a change. So I packed as many sets of clothes in a backpack, grabbed my guitar, filled up with gas and left for the coast. I ended up in St. Simon's Island, where I wrote and played for money," collects Chris.

He has moved back to Douglas, Ga where he is currently booking shows around the south. "I probably will find myself back on the coast come summer time," Woods says. He is currently recording his first independant cd release entitled "Still Waiting" which is due out just in time for Christmas.

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