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Citadel® is a sci-fi/fantasy prog symphonic classic and folk rock band that has been around since the late seventies. Through many changes in members, one element remains constant; there is always a Whitman in the band! G. Whitman founded Citadel® with Fletcher Hutchison, then K. Whitman joined, then K. Whitman left and J. Whitman came on board, then G. Whitman left and R. Douglass-Whitman stepped in... Don't worry if you can't keep all your Whitmans in order, we'll take care of that for you. All you have to do is light up and listen. Because, regardless which Whit is which, Citadel® is always about the total 'experience' in music and videos. Art, lyrics, sounds, effects and guitar strings made from hemp (just kiddin') Citadel® has a hit for everyone's appliance! We'll be posting quite a bit up here in the very near future - so keep coming back for more to enhance and enlighten... Until then, Citadel® is on CDBaby, iTunes, Rhapsody, Audiolunchbox and tons (we really mean kilos) of other places online. The band has several official sites maintained by past and present members, family members and extreme fans - try , or for starters - or if you got some surfing time right now...we're on MySpace, GarageBand, YouTube - the key is, always make sure you see the little "R" in a circle (®) or the "TM" (™)next to our name – although those ‘special’ characters freak out some websites that don’t have Upper ASCII capability…TMI!!! Even though we've done our homework, spent lotsa money and followed the laws - making us the rightful owners of the moniker (that means 'name') - there are still a bunch of less-inspired geeks out there who think “whoa man, Citadel would be a great name for my flash-in-the-pan band too...” – effects of budget schwag no less… Of course, suing schwag schmucks for having a lack of imagination would make us very rich, but would take all our free time and ruin the 'buzz' we've had (since 1979) ... oh yea, we're the same Citadel® who co-founded and co-funded the very first PROGFEST! Just make sure you have the original, no seeds, no stems, no hybrids, no imposters – no sage and egg blends. Citadel® is a registered US tradename - All rights reserved, used with permission, posted by content owners and tradename holders.

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