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Cosimo "Cixxx", aka Ciccio, has been studying and playing music since like 20 years. Of course it was a game in the beginning, but then a strong passion grew, the latter fueled by his fav instrument, the cello. Cixxx then switched to piano studies while he was costantly begging his parents to buy him more music, mainly classical stuff and italo disco records. If he wasn't playing music, he was listening to the radio, even while sleeping.
About ten years ago he got into producing with Impulse Tracker and like tools and some time after he had to gave up classical studies because of an hand accident. Soon he started djing too (and it was the time he was given the nick "Cixxx" by his friend Joe The Game as a misspell of another nick he had) and started playing in local more "traditional" bands, both keyboards and an accordion his grandfather bought for him. The little sleepy town where he was born provided a great setting to concentrate on playing music like and with his many other friends fellow musicians.
Like the most of local bands those projects died sooner or later but they set up foundations for some of his current ones (Novoix with singer-songwriter Giovanni Santese, Dubbwune with his bona fide drummer Gigi "JijiG" and the artsy-hardcore band Freddyskate, with his close friend "Andreo").
November 2005 times were right to make out his first release "What?", on 12' vinyl. He kept releasing his music on the web on a free basis being a strong supporter of Creative Commons, Open Source and like culture. He started collaborating with other people from around the world with the help of internet or not, and more releases (commercial and not) and gigs came and are coming in 2008, so stay locked!

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