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Cliff Po - Artist/Producer/Promoter 88 Music Group,LLC./Money Trade Capitals,LLC. For booking and features Send all beats to Clifford Po***** (born November 6, 1988), known by his stage name Cliff Po (also known as Pharaoh Po & Autumn, Eighty 8) is an American rapper from Harlem, New York. He is signed to 88 Music Group and Money Trade Capitals, LLC. Early Life Cliff Po was born on November 6, 1988, the son of an social worker, and raised in Harlem, New York His father left when he was 2 months old leaving his mother a single Haitian American woman to raise him by herself. He attending Coalition School For Social Change, In Manahattan,New York. In high school, Po decided to focus on his hip-hop career, later noting, "Once I hit 17, I got real serious about it and it changed my life completely ... I used to be into sports, played boxing, stayed alone never cared for the high school parties. But once I found out hip-hop is almost like a job, that's all I did." Miller, also a self-taught musician & entrepreneur at the age of 16, built his own home studio and at age of 18, establishing his own management company. Career Before embarking on a solo career, Cliff Po was affiliated with JR Writerís rap group Thunda Byrdz together with fellow Harlem rapper, Blitz McBain. They released the mixtape "Boomerang Musik Vol.1" in early 2010. Prior to changing his name to Cliff Po the rapper was known as King Cliff.. In 2009 Cliff released the mixtape "Good Money & Bad Bitches" and then "Purple Rain" later the same year. Cliff Poís most recent release was a mixtape titled Purple Rain Vol.3 The mixtape features his singles "TrillzĒ, "Livin Colors", and the more favorites "Thowed", "25 Lighters" and "Her PV$$Y Clean". The mixtape features many underground producers. On January 1, 2012 his first single "Trillz" premiered its video on YouTube.[11] Cliff is known for releasing 10 mixtapes & releasing over 300 songs virally in 2011. Musical philosophy He remains an independent artist signed only to a local label, 88 Music Group. Cliff Po was a pioneer in using social networking to connect with fans, which is why he has a large fan base. He gained the support of over 300,000 fans on Facebook, Twitter, & Tumblr.[23] He was able to get such a large fan base because he so frequently interacts with his fan, making them feel like an important part to the rise of his success and popularity.[24] "I think the reasons my fans are super loyal is because when I was putting out mixtapes that weren't getting that much attention, kids would find them somehow. Kids would tweet their friends or however people got them back in the day. Kids would just hit me up on Facebook and I would talk to them and stuff like that."[25] Cliff Po makes it a priority to make his music appeal to a wide variety of fans and bring an variety of people together. In an interview he states, "Iím trying to speak to the masses. Itís a pretty big goal to set for myself, but Iím very outspoken and I see people just like to hear me talk weather its going off on someone to promoting music to standing up for a cause. Iím trying to have it where your straight trill dudes are listening to [my] music, as well as your straight hip-hop heads and people who listen to Nirvana, and Blink 182. Cliff Po includes Big L, Rakim, Eazy E, DJ Screw, UGK, NWA, Black Moon, among his influences. Discography Good Money & Bad Bitches Vol.1 Purple Rain Vol.1 Good Money & Bad Bitches Vol.2 Purple Rain Vol. 2(City of Syrup) Pocaine 8 Heads In A Duffle Bag Muf#%k The Remix Devils Playground Purple Rain Vol. 3 (Purple Is The New Black) Purple Rain Vol. 3 (Chopped & Screwed)

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