clothesline 55

clothesline 55

clothesline 55

Alternative, Punk
From: Germantown, WI, United States

Band Members

  • Dan Horne - Bass/Vocals
  • Tyler Ross - Percussion
  • Graham Krypt - Guitar/Vocals

About Band

clothesline 55 dreams of one day being heard all around the world but for now any show we can get are hands on is good. Other then that clothesline 55 is the radist most amazing band. . . That's it or at least we like to think so

Dan Horne (bass, vocals) Hi! I am Dan. I play bass on my fender jazz bass or my pink precision bass. I also sing. But enoeugh of that boring shit and time for the important stuff. The month was september and all was quit, then a shout of joy from millions of people cries out as the baby boy (myself) was born. A few years later this boy became extremely talented at being the worst at everything but that was soon to change. The now teenager had just started a band that, from the beginning, pleased the ears of anyone who would listen. These three musicians (myself included) would go anywhere that would allow them and play there instruments as if they were conducting a world class orchestra. Which brings us to now; he is now 18 but still acts as if he is that ripe age of 12. Even though the boy has aged a year or two he still writes amazing music that will continue to create exotic moments in the ears of all who are listening.

Hi im a guitarist (Graham) I play guitar for Clothesline 55. Pretty cool huh!? I like playing live shows. I like recording. I like guitar, I like drums, I like Bass, I like microphones, I like Dw, I like stratocasters, I like jazz basses, i like amplifiers, I like latin percussion, I like line 6 anndddd..............POLKA!!!!!!! Ha! just kidding. Well.... what to say, I play a stratocaster and use strictly medium picks. I drop or break other ones. I aslo sing in the band. I may not be the best singer (or the second best) but I like what i do! Hi, im graham and I am in a band.....wait, i am!! O YA. Ha. (I don't know if you noticed yet but all my sentences have started with I's including this one!!!) By the way, you will hopefully love our new cd, it's amazing!! Someday our band will hopefully be heard. Sorry, I don't know what else to say. Peace.

Hey, it's me the soon to be famous drummer Tyler. YES. NO. YES. NO. YES. K so my passion has been drums for quite some time, I love to play them, talk about them, hear them, anything them. I also spend way too much money on them! (if thats possible) I grew up teaching myself basic beats and learning easy songs, drums seemed to come to me quite easily. Now I love writing my own music with the band, like I said, it's my passion! Anyways, not sure what you guys really want to hear, if anything at all. SCHOOL SUX!!! <-- hey who put that there! So pretty much my mind is set on making it as a drummer, hope you guys like our music (especially our newer stuff that we wrote with GRAhAM. See you on Warped Tour!!! yep

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