Club Havoc Enterprisez

Club Havoc Enterprisez

Club Havoc Enterprisez

Rap, Hip-Hop, Indie
From: West Palm Beach/California, FL, United States

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Do you have the love & respect for the art of music & Hip-hop?
Do you respect the hustle of self expression? Do you like the knodding of ya head and feeling the realness of the songs you listen to and being able to relate to the song? If you answered yes to these questions then I would like to welcome you to "Club Havoc Enterprises"! Club Havoc Enterprises aka C.H. E. and Da Voc prides themselves on producing Quality, original real music to the masses!!!
C. H. E. consist of Rushh "99" Perez as the CEO/Founder/Artist  and Jeremiah "L-Bo" Colon as Co-CEO & Master Engineer/Artist and Noel "Ghostman" Gonzalez as the Executive Producer/Artist/ Marketing Coordinator. Da Voc has recorded over 300 tracks and has performed "live" in over 30 venus nationwide!! Hip-hop is never dead as long as we're here!!
We was recently featured in the "Underground Railroad Magazine in October's Edition 2009.
C. H. E. has been featured in several online promo's and articles, example and Rate My Our music reaches spins and is well received not just locally or nationally, our marketing goes international in such country as Japan, Puerto Rico; United Kingdom, Hawaii, Jamaica & Mexico, Russia to name a few. Da Voc is a "True" independent record label, meaning, from our beats (ex-coding mix tape or featured producers) to live on stage is all done by us Founded by us no one does the work for us...
We love and respect the art of music and have used the things that we have been through in life to guide us in our mission of self-expression and realness.
Just like the O.G's in the hood say "Behind every successful man lies a pack of Haters".
The Voc has tons of haters but we would liketo thank them and encourage them to keep up the good job because they fuel the movement.Again Thank you..
There are a lot of record labels out there trying to do what we do and everyone and they're mama is a rapper or singer now days but we seperate ourselves from the pack by putting our souls and lives into our music. Our professionalism is always present and strong. The dedication we have to produce singles every time we touch the mic or stroke a key on the keyboard is like no other! We invite you to leave comments and feedback on our pix and music! If you would like to callaborate, network, market, join, invest or book the Voc please leave us a Direct message, call or email us at these contacts!!!

Rush "99" Perez

Co-CEO/Master Engineer/Artist
Jeremiah "L-BO" Colon

Executive Producer/Marketing/Artsit
Noel "Ghostman" Gonzalez

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